About Our Proposal

Avatar Airlines has made application to the DOT and the FAA for operating authority as a commercial air carrier and its ability to operate is dependent upon receipt (which is not assured or guaranteed) of all necessary governmental authorizations.

What they say.

"It's about time someone came up with this idea. Airfares are getting so expensive and with the higher costs, the old fashioned customer service has suffered. Thanks Avatar!"

- Chris Anderson

More About Avatar Airlines


Avatar is building a better airline from the ground up.  Avatar will make full use of the latest technology in order to bring down the cost of air travel, without sacrificing the creature comforts of luxury flight.  Exclusive use of online reservations (“straight to the gate”) is a tremendous savings for Avatar, and allows it to pass on a tremendous savings to its passengers.  Not only will Avatar not sacrifice creature comforts, it will actually enhance them.  We realize that “creature comforts” may mean different things to different passengers.  Some passengers may want to use their flight-time to totally unplug and relax by catching a few extra winks or by even curling up with a good book. We get it. There’s no reason these passengers should have to pay for technology they don’t plan on using.  It’s one of the ways Avatar plans to keep the overall cost of flight travel at remarkably low levels.

Yet, for those passengers that wish to indulge, Avatar’s plan is to equip its fleet with on-board satellite Wi-Fi capability as part of its in-flight entertainment profit center. Passengers will be able to surf the net for free, catch up on emails, or shop on the Avatar network and receive valuable discounts while flying thousands of feet above the ground, giving a literal meaning to the term “cloud-based” computing.  

Seat-back technology is for the birds, not the planes.”
Ever look at some of our competitor’s seatbacks and think to yourself, “hmm… that technology sure is starting to look dated.  It could use a good facelift.”  Lackluster color.  Not enough definition. Worn-out control buttons.  Pokey connections. Technology changes so fast, why not leave it up to our passengers to decide the quality of their onboard devices?  Passengers are encouraged to use their own devices, or for a nominal fee, rent a portable hi-tech device from Avatar. Avatar plans on forming strategic alliances with third party vendors to supply portable hi-tech devices and swap them out as the technology advances – insuring that Avatar’s passengers always have the option to enjoy hi-tech devices on their flight, whether that device is one of their own, or one of ours.

Luggage Handling
Ever see our competitor’s passengers struggling to get their “oversized” carry-ons into the overhead bins, to avoid costly luggage fees?  (Were you one of them?  Or maybe you were the one shielding yourself from a possible fallout???)   A bit like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole, wouldn’t you say? Did we mention no more luggage fees?  Avatar thinks it’s outrageous that passengers should have to pay to bring a reasonable amount of luggage with them on a flight.  Avatar plans to “roll back the clock” to the good old days when each passenger was permitted to check two normal pieces of luggage into cargo for no fee, in addition to standard carry-on bags.

Avatar is building a smarter airline.   It’s proposed use of the Boeing 747 enables it to fly profitably at drastically reduced fares, which will result in a significant and measurable increase in air traffic, which will result in a significant and measurable increase in revenue.    

“Why is Avatar’s plan so much smarter than what’s already out there?
The major airline carriers of today only have one choice: directly compete with each other.  They are all vying for a limited segment of the travelling public, ordinarily travelling by plane.   Although Avatar’s pricing strategy intends to capture a significant portion of these existing passengers, what if it were possible to capture other segments of the travelling public as well?

Travelers that commute by car or by train?
Avatar’s pricing strategy can simultaneously target these additional segments of the travelling public because in many instances there will be a comparable cost-factor plus the added convenience and speed of air travel.  Existing carriers simply cannot penetrate these markets because of their own pricing structure and physical infrastructure. 

Consider that the primary source of revenue for most airlines is passenger ticket sales. However, Avatar plans to deliver five additional profit centers: cargo, in-flight entertainment, branding, catering (food & beverage) and vacation packaging, all of which is expected to produce approximately fifty percent of Avatar’s total revenue.  

Whether it’s for business or pleasure, sometimes we feel as if we cannot get to where we want to go, fast enough.  Avatar believes that your time in the air should be relaxing and enjoyable, but the faster we can get you to your destination, the more time you will have to do the things you need or want to do.

The Boeing 747 travels at an average cruising speed of 565 mph, compared to typical 737 travelling at 520 mph.  By way of example, a typical flight from New York to Los Angeles on a 747 would save about 30 minutes of air time, compared to that same flight on a 737.  Avatar can get you there faster than the competition.  How you spend that extra time, is of course up to you.

Look, there’s only so many peanuts you can eat on a flight.   Frankly, the chips aren’t much better, and we don’t care what color they are.  Most airlines never served “real” food, even back in the day when they were serving food.  Everything tasted like… well… airline foodYet, did you ever wonder why it is that the major airlines of today aren’t capable of delivering up real, sumptuous meals, the kind that you would dine out for, whether that be at a 5-star restaurant, your favorite food chain, or even a fast-food eatery?  Avatar Airlines doesn’t believe in telling you what you should eat, but we believe in giving you a choice – many choices in fact.   Just like in real restaurants, get what you pay for.

Avatar plans to partner up with some of the most popular restaurants and eateries to give our passengers the luxury of choice, whether it’s 5-star or fast food.  Pre-order your meals at the time of ticket purchase, and look forward to your favorite on-the-ground dining cuisine at 40,000 feet in the air.

Ok, we would have liked to have found a single word to describe how Avatar is going to be way more cost-effective than the competition.  There just isn’t a single word to describe it.  Everything about Avatar will make it more cost-effective than the competition:  use of the Boeing 747, ultra-low fares, high capacity occupancy, increased passenger traffic and revenue, additional profit centers for cargo, branding, catering, in-flight entertainment and vacation packaging.  

AVATAR AIRLINES.  Rethinking air travel from the ground up!