Avatar Airlines Founder Seeks U.S. Senate Seat in Nevada

Barry Michaels Avatar Airlines Founder and current CEO has chosen to run for the U.S. Senate in Nevada for 2018. Like many of you, he too is tired of what’s going on in Washington and believes we are at a point where our country’s two-party system is no longer working.

Michaels often would often say he can’t remember a time when a member of one party could no longer have an intelligent conversation with one of the opposite party without risking a physical confrontation.

He believes it’s time “THE PEOPLE” standup and pay closer attention to the candidates rather than their political party. Both political party’s have hidden agendas, only caring about which candidate can raise the most amount of money, rather than who is the most qualified candidate.

Sure they will have lots of money to spend but “THE VOTERS” need to let their party know its not just about money, its about who can do the best job for Nevada and our Country.

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