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Our Team

It takes a team

“There is no team without the individual members;
an individual can never be a team.”
by - Michael Joling

Meet Avatar's Officers

Michael E. Zapin

Chief Executive Officer
Michael Zapin has been involved in Avatar Airlines for the past four years as Chief Legal Officer. Michael brings a new dynamic to the airline industry...

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Stephen Leseten

Vice President and Treasurer
Stephen Leseten has owned and operated his accounting practice since 1977. He serves clients in Las Vegas, New York and Florida. His practice is geared to business and personal tax preparation and filings.

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Thomas Thompson Jr.

Chief Pilot
Thomas Thompson has more than 28 years of experience as a pilot with 12,000 flight hours to his credit. He is qualified to pilot B747-400, 747,737, L1011, L300, DC-10, MD-11, C141B, T37 and T-38 aircraft.

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William Kelly

Vice President & Director of Maintenance and Engineering
William Kelly brings a keen awareness of compliance issues and expertise with Boeing 747 systems to his latest position, which includes an integral role in Avatar’s certification process with the FAA.

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Glenn DeLaney

Chief Inspector

Glenn DeLaney brings over 30 years of industry experience with an expertise based on Boeing series aircraft with over half of his career dedicated to quality control systems and standards.

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Douglas (Doug) Schaff

Vice President Cargo Sales & Service
Douglas Schaff has more than 25 years of experience in all facets of domestic and international transportation, project management, product definition, business analysis, marketing and logistics.

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