Avatar Airlines Chief Marketing Officer is no ordinary job, nor is Avatar just another airline

Avatar Airlines Chief Marketing Officer is no ordinary job, nor is Avatar just another airline.

Avatar is an ultra low fare national airline in the startup phase and looking for a Chief Executive to take the helm of this revolutionary new company. Part of what sets Avatar apart from other airlines is its exclusive use of the Boeing 747-400 wide body aircraft, equipped with 581 seats and “every day” ultra low fares with none of the usual add-on fees.

Avatar’s successful candidate will have a minimum of twenty years advertising and marketing experience with the enthusiasm matched only by that of Avatar’s Founder. You must be highly creative with the ability and vision to help build Avatar into a multi-billion dollar public company. 

In addition to all other requirements Avatar requires a minimum of $150,000 at a special rate befitting a senior executive. Avatar’s Board decided an investment by senior executives not only insures loyalty but also rewards the executive in the long run on its success. In addition, he/she will receive a future compensation package fit for a CMO of a Fortune 500 company. No prior airline experience is necessary.

Years of work have gone into Avatar’s making  and much has been accomplished, now it rests Avatar’s ability to raise the necessary capital to get off the ground. For this reason, your investment will be used in part to market Avatar’s $300,000,000 Reg D506c private offering. Sales are expected to begin in January beginning with high net worth individuals followed by institutional investors and hedge funds.

Please check out the Avatar website at: www.avatarairlines.com and read Avatar’s story as reported by Airline Economics magazine on pages 57 – 63.. http://viewer.zmags.co.uk/publication/6dce1166#/6dce1166/1 then view a draft of the Investor presentation at: https://avatarairlines.com/?p=6834 which will be part of an automated webinar.

If you’re interested in exploring this opportunity further and have the qualifications (including the investment) please send your curriculum vitae to Barry Michaels Avatar’s Founder at: bm@avatarairlines.com