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Something Big is Coming!

Avatar Airlines, where size really does matter!

About Us

Avatar is building a better airline from the ground up, using the latest technology in order to bring down the cost of air travel, without sacrificing the creature comforts of luxury flight.


Avatar provides the opportunity to display your ad or logo on the inside and/or the outside of one or all of Avatar’s aircraft.  These ads range from a simple logo to a full color advertisement.

Investment Opportunity

Avatar is seeking investors for private offering under the new JOBS Act – the SEC Reg D506-C Rule. This rule allows for public solicitation to accredited investors.

Welcome to a New Generation

No FEES for Bags, Seats or Wi-Fi.
Just Ultra Low Fares!

Building a Better Airlines!



Passenger Ticketing

Offering passengers ultra low airfares that will fit any budget great for families, individual and business travel, No fees for bags, seats or Wi-Fi.


When passengers purchases a ticket, the will select their seat and order food – passengers will be able to order anything from a snack to a gourmet meal, which is pre-paid with the ticket fare.

In-flight Entertainment

Passengers will be able to surf the net for free, catch up on emails, or shop on the Avatar network and receive valuable discounts while flying thousands of feet above the ground.

Avatar Vacations

Another profit center is Avatar Vacations.  Avatar Airlines will offer a Travel Agent Affiliate program to travel agents, tour and cruise operators, its ultra-low fares and 581 seats on each of its aircraft will have the capacity to serve travel company requirements.


Avatar will offer Advertising & Promotions (Branding) of interior and exterior areas of each aircraft to advertisers on a contractual basis, most on a yearly basis. Anything a that can be seen or touched on the aircraft will be made available for sale to a third-party advertiser.


Avatar Airline intends to lease out the cargo space in the belly of its 747-400s wholesale, which will hold around 70,000 pounds of containerized freight. Also providing cargo services for International flights into the US that cannot fly on internally on the same aircraft.

Airline Economics Magazine

Avatar Airlines featured in Airline Economics Magazine – May/June 2014

“Start your engines”

Launching a new airline in such crowded and economically challenging environments as the US may seem like a fool’s game but Avatar Airlines is planning to launch this year, with very unique business model. Airline Economics reports.”

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Fees For Bags
Fees For Seats
Fees For Wi-Fi
Ultra Low Fares

Top News

Investment Opportunity

Avatar will release its Reg. D 506c Private Offering starting in September 2014

Investment Presentations

Take Your Investments to New Heights!

“Here’s your chance to get in on the ground floor or wait till we reach our cruising altitude”
You must be a qualified investor with a minimum investment of $75,000

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Avatar’s Affiliated Marketing
& Joint Venture Partnerships Available.

Travel Agent
Affiliate Program

Watch for Avatar’s
FLY “FREE” Club.