Domestic Cargo Business

A Driving Source of Revenue

loading-freigth-in-airplaneDomestic freight companies looking for a dependable source of airlift. International carriers coming into the USA with cargo that must be hauled beyond the confines of their permissible ports of entry.

These are just two sources of commercial customers Avatar intends to service in its cargo market. These customers don’t have a whole lot of choices without Avatar. Their freight would otherwise have to be transferred onto truck or a wide-body, and there are just a limited number of wide-bodies flying in the USA at this time. Avatar intends to target this market on a wholesale leasing basis only, so that Avatar is not competing with these freighters, but instead, partnering with them.

Due to Avatar’s unique aircraft configuration, Avatar’s fleet will be capable of holding and hauling approximately 70,000 pounds of containerized freight in their bellies.