Create a seismic shift in the manner and frequency

of air travel for budget-conscious passengers


There has been an alarming industry trend of downsizing over the last decade, and not for the better.  At least not where passengers are concerned.   You know the flying experience we’re talking about.  The choices you have to make every time you fly. Suffer in silence, or pay the price.  Pick your poison.

But all of that will soon change.  Avatar will pioneer a new age of budget travel for a new millennium.  Harnessing the economies of scale,  Avatar will make exclusive use of the jumbo Boeing 747 in  a high-passenger configuration (581 seats) without sacrificing creature comforts such as seat pitch (“personal space”)  roomy overhead bins and wide-body dual aisles. 

Avatar’s configuration is projected to result in one of the lowest average cost per seat mile (CSM) in the industry, approximately 6 cents! We expect to pass those savings on directly to our passengers by offering every day fares of about 40-50% less than the competition.  Let’s give some perspective:  provided seats are purchased 30 days in advance, a projected one way fare from Miami to JFK, just $49;  from LA to NY just $79.  

People that rarely fly will fly more often.  People that never fly, will now be able to afford air travel.  

Avatar expects to blaze a trail and start a new trend.  A seismic shift.  One that will have passengers looking up as well as down. 



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