The days of carving Chateaubriand along side your aircraft seat have long gone, but a new form of food and beverage is about to set foot on the horizon.

Avatar a think out of your box type airline is about to launch its modern day answer to airline food as it should be. According to Avatar, the idea of offering food and beverage is another way of building customer loyalty by using one’s own pallet.

Avatar understands airline food and beverage sales represents a very small revenue source, but on the other hand it can be a very memorable experience, good or bad. Avatar intends to make it an extremely positive experience and one to be broadcast to others.


Taste The Difference…


Creating a gastronomical experience which is unavailable anywhere else. Whether it’s a chef of the month delight, a snack or just one of Avatar’s creations, you’ll only find it on an Avatar Airlines flight after pre-purchasing it online at time of ticketing. The choices will be many including several of the ethnic variety’s as well as a full kosher menu.

Imaging coffee being brewed from the very best beans served in a take home reusable (thermos type) container provided to Avatar by one of Its advertising sponsors. Imagine a slice of cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory or other name brand culinary delights, all partners with Avatar.

Just think of Avatar’s kitchen as a laboratory creating first time delectable recipes that will not be available anywhere else, but on on an Avatar flight. Whereas some of these creations could eventually find themselves into the supermarkets.

Avatar passengers will have the opportunity to accompany their meal with a choice of hundreds of different wines served in half bottles available for purchase online. If you’d prefer a different type of alcoholic beverage you’ll find a full selection of your favorite brands.

Let’s not forget to mention soft drinks from a traditional cola, a coffee latte or just a traditional milk shake, you’ll find them all just click away, just select the item and drop it into the cart and check out. It will all be waiting for you once aboard the aircraft.