A gastronomical experience unavailable

anywhere else in the sky or on the ground


Taste The Difference…


Whether it’s a Chef of the Month delight, a snack or just one of Avatar’s creations, you’ll only find it on an Avatar Airlines flight after pre-purchasing it online at time of ticketing. The choices will include several ethnic variety meals as well as a full kosher menu.

Imagine coffee being brewed from the very best beans served in a take-home reusable thermos – courtesy of one of Avatar’s advertising sponsors. Imagine a slice of cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory or other name brand culinary delights. Avatar is hard at work developing these kinds of  partnerships.

Choose from a variety of your favorite brands of wines and alcoholic beverages. If you prefer, point & click for a variety of soft drinks, juices or even a coffee late.  It will all be waiting for you once aboard the aircraft. 

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