Big Planes, Bigger Plans & Ultra Low Fares


Low Fares

Avatar’s projected every day fares up to 50% less than the lowest every day fares presently charged by existing carriers.

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Free Fares

Avatar offers its passengers an opportunity to opt-in to its “FOCUS” program, free” flights¹ for eligible FOCUS passengers.

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Most professed “low cost” carriers actively look for ways to drive passenger costs up in order to maintain profitability.

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Building a Better Airline!

Imagine: an airline with no bag fees (up to 2 free), no seat selection fee, “Free" Wi-Fi and everyday fares as low as $19. As an ultra-low fare airline, once certified Avatar expects to shake up the entire airline industry by offering fares of 50% or lower than current airlines.


Passenger Ticketing

Offering passengers everyday low fares that fit any budget; great for families, individual and business travel; no fees for bags, seats or Wi-Fi.

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Food & Beverage

Pre-order your meals at the time of ticket purchase, and look forward to your favorite on-the-ground dining cuisine at 40,000 feet in the air.

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In-flight Entertainment

Passengers will be able to surf the net for free, catch up on emails, or shop on the Avatar network and receive valuable discounts while flying with Avatar.

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Avatar Vacations

Another profit center is Avatar Vacations.  Avatar Airlines will offer a Travel Agent Affiliate program to travel agents, tour and cruise operators, its ultra-low fares and 581 seats on each of its aircraft will have the capacity to serve travel company requirements.

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Branding & Advertising

Avatar will offer Advertising & Promotions (Branding) of interior and exterior areas of each aircraft to advertisers on a contractual basis, most on a yearly basis. Anything that can be seen or touched on the aircraft will be made available for sale to a third-party advertiser.

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Avatar Airline intends to lease out the cargo space in the belly of its 747-400s wholesale, which will hold around 70,000 pounds of containerized freight; also providing cargo services for International flights into the US that cannot fly internally on the same aircraft.

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What Makes Avatar better?

Bag Fees
Seat Fees
Wi-Fi Fees

Investment Opportunity

Avatar’s intends to raise capital through private equity offering,
with the recently passed “JOB ACT” under SEC Reg D 506c.

Take Your Investments to New Heights!

Ever wish you had gotten in on the ground floor of Google, Facebook or so many others prior to their going public? Well here’s your opportunity. Attend an investor presentation and learn about the largest startup airline in U.S. history and how it will revolutionize the airline industry. This will be your once in a lifetime opportunity to get in on the ground floor.

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Airline Economics Magazine Article

Airline Economics May/June 2014 features Avatar Airlines titled “Start Your Engines”, to read the article please click the button below.

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Avatar’s Affiliated Marketing

& Joint Venture Partnerships.

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Travel Agent

Affiliate Program

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