Free Fares¹

Two Great Ways To Fly Free¹

FOCUS Program

It doesn’t get any better than this. The future of free air travel is here with Avatar’s FOCUS Program. Whether you’re already booked on Avatar flight or at home sitting in your easy chair you can earn FREE flights¹ on Avatar Airlines.

By partnering with various marketing and manufacturing firms, Avatar’s FOCUS Program will be available to all individuals over the age of eighteen. Participating members who meet certain demographic criteria for any survey will be selected to give their personal opinion to a wide array of questions pertaining to the particular subject matter. Upon satisfactory completion the participant will be awarded a fully transferable certificate good for a free flight to any Avatar Airlines destination good for a period of two years. Prior to active participation Avatar FOCUS members will be asked to provide certain demographical information. The information will be used for survey selection and will not be shared with any third party. Avatar makes no guarantee that all FOCUS members will be selected to participate in a survey. The only thing better than Avatar’s ULTRA LOW Fares, are Avatar’s FREE FARES¹.

Fly "Free" Club

Join our Fly “Free” Club for a one time registration fee of $49, plus $249 a year and you’re set to fly “Free” on any available Avatar flight (just pay the taxes).

Think of it as flying stand-bye without charge. Check the Avatar website 72 hours prior to flight time and if there’s an open seat you’ll be able to place your name on the wait list. All available seats will be awarded on a first come first serve basis to active club members by showing up at the gate two hours before flight time. If the seat remains open prior to flight time, it will be awarded based on member’s wait list position.

¹ FOCUS Program and Fly “Free” Club Disclaimer:
Avatar’s Free Fare FOCUS PROGRAM requires participation in a survey or focus group to earn free travel. Not all volunteers will be selected for participation. Selection is based solely on demographic criteria supplied to Avatar by participating marketing groups.
Avatar’s Fly “Free” Club requires a one time $49 registration fee and $249.00 per year annual fee. Free flights are entirely dependent upon availability of unsold seats and are offered to members on a first come first serve (“stand-by”) basis.