Avatar Airlines Travel Affiliate Program

Avatar will work with travel agents, but not in the old traditional way. Once registered as an affiliate, agencies will be able to login and have access to purchase seats on any flight and will not have to put the passengers name in until check-in time. In addition, they will have access to purchase tour packages at wholesale rates and charge their client whatever they feel appropriate.

For a limited time only, an agency must pay an application registration fee of $475 (non-refundable) and a $5,000 membership for a single office (fully refundable prior to FAA certification). Once certified, a single agency membership will automatically be increased to $25,000.

All affiliates will be listed as a preferred provider on our website with a hot link to their website and included in a fully searchable database by name and area. Our affiliates will receive periodic offers and promotions not offered to the general public. The number of agency affiliates will be limited.

Avatar will contract with major tour operators who will provide complete packages including hotel and rent-a-cars, as well as other local area promotions at wholesale prices. The general public will not have access to this portion of our website.

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