“Did you hear the one about …”

Sure, you can expect an occasional joke or two coming from the cockpit and crew.  But we think you’ll agree with us that that these folks really do need to keep their day jobs.  For all of our sakes. 

Let’s face it.  When it comes to inflight entertainment, about the best thing any airline can do is stay out of your way and let you entertain yourself.  And we’ll give you the means to do it. Bring your favorite devices. Avatar will offer “free WiFi” to passengers, sponsored by our advertising partners in exchange for putting them and their wares onto our WiFi landing page.

Nothing too annoying, and we promise the experience will be “spam-free.”    It’s a small price to pay for “free Wifi” and our partners will offer you exclusive deals unavailable anywhere else but on an Avatar flight.

Surf the net, catch up on emails or even shop the Avatar network to receive more valuable inflight discounts. If you really prefer, opt for an ad-free experience for a small fee.  No worries.  We’ll still love you.

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