More than what meets the eye 

When we welcome you onboard, you’ll notice right away the sheer size and magnitude of our aircraft. The wide body, the dual aisleways, the generous seating arrangement and the reasonable personal space.  All the things that have famously crowned the Boeing 747 the “Queen of Skies.”  A title  synonymous with unparalleled luxury and passenger comfort.

But did you know that the Boeing 747 is an equally and incredibly efficient work horse?    A superjet, not only capable of transporting 581 passengers in comfort and safety, but also transporting approximately 70,000 pounds of containerized or palletized freight on a single flight!   The Boeing 747 is still the premier aircraft of choice for commercial air freighters because of its ability to haul a large amount of cargo safely, dependably and efficiently.

Avatar Airlines will have the best of both worlds.  By transporting passengers and cargo,  the revenue Avatar will earn from its cargo operations will help insure that passenger fares will always remain ultra-low.

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