Low-Fares-300Avatar’s projected every day fares are up to 50% LESS than the lowest fares charged by existing carriers. Sound crazy? Not once you understand the Avatar concept which is centered around the exclusive use of the Boeing 747 equipped with 581 seats. Avatar’s aircraft will hold about four times the amount of passengers as a typical 737 used by many existing carriers, driving the individual cost per seat, way down, without sacrificing creature comforts. Savings which are passed on directly to Avatar’s passengers. Avatar plans on having several other profit centers which will generate additional revenue through its strategic partners rather than from its own passengers.

How’s that for a novel idea? Making money from someone other than the ticketed passengers!

In addition to a full load of passengers, Avatar’s aircraft will be able to carry up to 70,000 pounds of containerized freight which will be leased out at wholesale rates. The demand for delivery has never been greater. Visit our CARGO page to learn more about this lucrative revenue stream.

Avatar will make almost anything and everything you see or touch available for purchase to its strategic partners for a multitude of branding possibilities, both inside and outside the aircraft. Visit our ADVERTISING page to learn more about this lucrative opportunity for Advertisers and for Avatar.

Free WiFi for Avatar’s ticketed passengers sponsored by a strategic partner in exchange for promoting their brand on the WiFi log-on page. Visit our IN-FLIGHT ENTERTAINMENT page for more information.

Free flight for eligible FOCUS participants. Avatar’s FOCUS participants are individuals who elect to participate in either a survey or focus group, by supplying key demographic information about themselves. Avatar will not sell the data, but use it to match up a FOCUS participant with the key demographic criteria prescribed by third party marketing companies. If chosen to participate, upon completion of the survey or focus group session, the participant will earn a voucher for a fully transferable flight coupon good for one year anywhere Avatar flies. This is of course the ultimate in LOW fare. Paying NO FARE at all. Visit our NO FARE page to learn more about this unique profit center that will fly passengers for free while earning Avatar more money than a straight ticket sale. Avatar will make full use of the latest technology in order to bring down the cost of air travel. Exclusive use of online reservations (“straight to the gate”) is a tremendous savings for Avatar, and allows it to pass on a tremendous savings to its passengers.


“Why is Avatar’s plan so much smarter than what’s already out there?”

Existing carriers only have one choice: directly compete with each other. They are all vying for a limited segment of the traveling public, many of whom are budget-conscious and have no duty of loyalty to any particular airline. Although Avatar will compete in this market and will take some market share from the existing carriers, Avatar intends to fill a tremendous void in the ultra-low fare market. With the advent of the Internet most consumers today shop for the lowest fare available and that’s what they purchase.

On the other hand, Avatar believes there is also an entirely unserved market of consumers that simply cannot afford to fly, or cannot afford to fly as frequently as they would like, because the “low-cost” carriers are just not low enough. Avatar is poised to capture the lion’s share of these “would be flyers” and create a brand new market. Now that’s smart!

The lure of Avatar’s ultra low cost tickets are sure to sway some car and train commuters to fly instead, since there will be a comparable cost-factor coupled with the convenience and speed of air travel. Existing carriers simply cannot penetrate these markets because of their own pricing structure. Now that’s smart!