Michael E. Zapin Esq – Executive VP

Michael Zapin首席执行官

Michael E. Zapin

Executive VP & Chief Legal Officer

Michael E. Zapin has been involved in Avatar Airlines for the past four years, as Michael brings a new dynamic to the airline industry – a refreshing voice that trumpets the cause of the average ticketed passenger.  A voice that until now has been drowned out by current carriers, inching their way to profitability over hues, cries and outrage of the traveling public about the high cost of “low cost” air travel.

In his law practice, Michael was a staunch advocate of consumer rights, prosecuting and defending those rights in both New York and Florida, throughout the state and federal courts in those jurisdictions.  His zeal for the consumer was instrumental in shaping and developing a number of key profit centers for Avatar that specifically carve the consumer pocketbook outside of the equation.[gdlr_space height=”10px”]

A creative negotiator, litigator and transactional attorney, Michael applies his skillset to lead Avatar in its vision to be the pioneering force in the new frontier of ultra-low cost air travel.[gdlr_space height=”30px”]